In my home, You Will Find Just Two canon printers i.e., Canon MX870 printer and Canon MX926 printer. Both of them are working fine but an error code”B200″ Cause disturbance in printing. After small study, I conclude that there Exist some power problems. There’s no shift. Help me to mend Canon printer malfunction code b200!!

Steps to Fix Error b200 on


  • Turn off your Canon Printer and unplug it from the energy supply.
  • Now, open the Canon printer cover and then check the ink cartridges. You have to carefully eliminate print head from your Canon printer.
  • The following step, you have to clean print head together with ink cartridges.
  • Clean clogged print head –
  • Remove the clogged print heads out of the Canon printer.
  • Take some warm water in a bowl and then combine some alcohol in it. Pour this solution into a different bowl. Insert printer thoughts in such a way so the solution doesn’t contact printer head’s coronary board. Now you will see ink is slowly flowing in external management.
  • Take a dropper and fill it using all the alternative and use 2-3 drops on the ink ports. Repeat this process with 3 to 2 5-minute intervals.
  • Soak printer thoughts at the cleaning solution for approx 10-15 minutes.
  • In last, dry the print head with paper towels. After employing printer measures, just put the print head straight back into your own printer. Then run a printing test.
  • Next, you’ve got to wash contact pads using a touch cleaner. Then visit next step. Before powering up Canon printer, then reinstall printhead first and then ink cartridges.

For Canon Printer Drivers Installation visit

Phase 2

Before proceeding, be sure to have a working net connection and logged into your system as an administrator.

  • You need to upgrade Canon printer driver and Canon Printer Utility applications.
  • Then press on a right click on Canon printer and select Properties.
  • Choose the Maintenance tab and then tap on”Deep Cleaning”.
  • Once deep cleaning gets finished, simply run a nozzle check out of the Maintenance tab.